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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Storm Cloud Earning his Keep

Today our little Storm Cloud has gone off to another farm to try and be a big grown up buck. A neighbor (the turkey lady) is renting him to breed her two Nubian does. $50 for a month at her place. She knows he's only six months old and unproven - but I have seen him leaping on our does, so I think he's capable.

He's never been off the farm before, or away from his dam. We still see him sneak a drink from her occasionally. It's funny how much it annoys Homero - he chases Storm away and says you can be a baby and nurse or a buck and breed, but not both. I laugh and tell him he's just jealous.


Olive said...

What a lovely looking animal.

Aimee said...

thank you Olive - he's so pretty I'm keeping him as our herd sire for next year

Gail V said...

He is certainly a pretty buck.
Thanks for posting his photo and story. I liked your last thrift store post, too-- a resource I really apprectiate. Lately, we've been buying all the wool sweaters we find-- and supply the spinners with new clothing choices, or they go into fulled-sweater crafts.

Aimee said...

hey gail-
I'm so lucky, a new place opened up (a clothing liquidator rather than a thrift store) and I got in and bought about 20 fine Italian merino sweaters in all different colors for $3 a pop. Couldn't believe it. Gave a bunch to my sister for an early christmas present and said I expect a nice purse back.

Gail V said...

Whoo, score!

stephen said...

OH what a lovely looking animal so nice i wish i can see i front of me because i am animal lover . thanks for sharing.