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Friday, December 11, 2009

Freezing My Tuchus Off

The furnace went kaput. My husband is out of town for a week - actually a good thing or he would have insisted on trying to fix the furnace. The furnace repairman shut it down and disabled it - not something he does very often, especially in this kind of weather - because it is a fire hazard and ispumping out carbon monoxide like nobody's business.

Apparently, there was a class action lawsuit against the makers of this particular furnace because it does this. That lawsuit is now closed, however, so I have to buy my own damn furnace.

If this were April - or even March - instead of mid December, I'd say okay, let's just get by with a couple of space heaters until we can 1) install the woodstove, and 2) maybe get the oil burning furnace out in Homero's shop up and running on veggie oil. But either of those projects would take a couple of weeks minimum, and meanwhile all the pipes would freeze and then we'd have a gigantic plumbing mess on top of it all.

Man, bad things happen ion threes all right. First the refrigerator (new fridge, $1,200), then the washing machine (repairman scheduled for monday), now the furnace.

I'm staying with my sister until we can get the new furnace in, so I probably won't be writing much. I still have to come home twice a day to feed the animals and tote hot water out to the goats in buckets. Sigh.


Olive said...

Aimee, they say all things come in 3's, you have had your run of bad luck, so here's hoping you've reached the "bend in the road" and its all calm sailing from now.

Cheers. Joy

Tonia said...

Eeewww I am sorry!

Judy T said...

OH MY!!! And I was complaining that we got stuck in the snow this morning! I hope you can get things under control soon.

Gail V said...

Poor you, Aimee,
so sorry. Hope all appliances mend without too great a strain on your pocketbook.
Make sure your installer thinks green! Ours sure didn't, and I regret having an inefficient furnace.

Anonymous said...

Oh My! Like Olive said, I hope you have reached the 'bend in the road'. Good Luck!

Dr24Hours said...

For times like these, my favorite line is actually from a crappy Alanic Morrisette song:

The firetrucks are comin' up around the bend.

Q said...

Sounds as if the appliance visus hit you hard! I also had a virus hit my stove and refrigerator and now the washing machine....
Hope your furnance is fixed fast.
It is lots of work trying to keep the pipes from freezing and all the care of the animals...