"United we bargain, divided we beg."

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mine is Bigger Than Yours

My zucchini, that is.

What am I going to do with this monster? And with the thirty carrots, the six cucumbers, the pound of parsley?

Today is given to the task. I think I'll make a zucchini parmesan... like an eggplant parmesan, but with zucchini. I can't think of a reason that wouldn't work. I'll make my biggest lasagna pan full. And if it's good, I can freeze it.

The carrots are going into curried carrot soup.

Assorted other veggies - fennel bulbs, onions, some more zuke, etc, will go into a large pot of spaghetti sauce which I will use in the zucchini parmesan and the extra freeze or can, whichever.

Okay, it's a game plan.