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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cherry Tomatoes and Bubbly Cheese

It being high canning season, all the local grocery stores are clean out of cheesecloth. I had very little cheesecloth left, and I was getting dangerously low on pillowcases (which I will soon need for apple cider season - I can't cut them all up, even if I sleep on naked pillows.). The above picture illustrates what happens when you skimp on cheesecloth. One layer is simply not a fine enough mesh - the curds, while under pressure, will bubble out through the holes. It makes no difference in how the cheese tastes, but it is a rather alarming sight. Also, very hard to get the cheesecloth off.

Here are the tomatoes we picked today in exchange for cheese and eggs. You can't really tell how many there are because you can't really tell that those are enormous bowls. My guess is somewhere in the vicinity of twenty pounds of tomatoes. A large proportion are sweet orange cherries - sungolds, I think - and it would be a shame to boil them. We'll just eat those out of hand. Tomorrow I'll can up the rest.


Dr24Hours said...

Why not use a sock? A clean or never worn one, obviously, but it seems like you could mush the cheese down into it, and then swing it around a lot to let centripetal force do the work.

Aimee said...

Gag me with a spoon.

Dr24Hours said...

really? why? How is it any different from a pillow case?

Anonymous said...

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