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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maiden Voyage

This afternoon, I barely made it home in the bug. I chugged into the driveway on fumes. When I told Homero, he said "let's put my biodiesel in it!"

"Are you sure it's ready?"

"Sure! What could go wrong? I've already washed it twice."

"Well, I'll keep my phone in my pocket."

Here he is, back after his 4 mile run to the gas station and back. The bug is unharmed, as far as we can tell at this point, and hits freeway speeds without difficulty.

Hooray Homero! Hooray! Hooray!


Dr24Hours said...

How is your cost compared to the gas station?

(Even if it is more, I still say that it's fuckin' cool to brew your own diesel.)

Aimee said...

well, there were a lot of start up costs. One of the chemicals involved, methanol, cost $400. But that bought us enough to make biodiesel for a very long time (270 gallons, says Homero). Plus there were about sixteen trips to Home Depot. He's standing right here, and he says he spent about $400 on equipment, because he scavenged a lot of free stuff off craigslist. And the oil was free (used veggie oil from local Mexican restaurant. Smells like chimichangas). But I'm going to double that estimate now that he's out of the room. My best guess is that we spent approximately $1,000 for 50 gallons.
But Homero says that the actual cost of each gallon NOT counting start up costs is approximately $1.35.

Unknown said...

Hi Aimee, at least over time as oil prices go up again, you will be winners in the longer run. The only problem will be to secure a constant supply of vegetable oil.


Dr24Hours said...

Can you make designer biodiesel? like Extra Virgin Olive Biodiesel? Or Avocado-Walnut Biodiesel?

I see a market.