"United we bargain, divided we beg."

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trade Network Week Eight

Today the kale fairy gave me:

3 gallon sized ziploc bags of various types of greens (2 kinds of kale and some chard)
2 gallons salad greens (red and green leaf lettuce)
4 big turnips
4 small zucchini
about twenty red carrots
4 bulbs fennel
1.5 pounds slender greenbeans

I think that's it. We've long ago passed the tipping point: the value of the veggies she's given me far outweighs whatever value my pasture raised kid has. Even if I wait until christmas, I doubt Sandy will provide more than twenty-five or thirty pounds of meat. I warned the kale fairy at the beginning of the season that my calculations showed she was getting the thin end of the stick; but she said she didn't care. She loves to garden, and she hates waste. She wants her vegetables to be enjoyed, which they are. So, I guess everybody's happy, although I can't shake a faint sense of guilt that I'm scoring such a lopsided deal.


~Tonia said...

Oh wow thats a lot of veggies!! If you ahd to buy that in the store it wouldnt be near as good OR as cheap.

AnyEdge said...

You know, I bought a turnip not too long ago. On purpose. To eat. I had to stop and marvel what mom would have thought.