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Monday, July 13, 2009

Here is a picture of Homero's shop, as of the day before yesterday. It's even bigger now. For perspective, that's a pretty honkin' big truck parked in front of it. Eventually - hopefully by sometime next week - the shop will be 35 feet wide and 60 feet long, and 17 feet tall (which it already is.). The guys are working fourteen hour days, and I am cooking up a storm three times a day to keep them fed.  

My brother-in-law, Fransisco, came out from Atlanta to help, and he brought his girlfriend with him. Her name is Iris (Like my goat, but I didn't tell her that) and she's from Honduras.  I'm really enjoying spending time with her and learning about Honduran food. That girl can break down a chicken, let me tell you. She took it from alive and clucking to in the stew pot in about fifteen minutes flat. And it was good, too.  Maybe later I'll write up a recipe for Honduran chicken stew.                       

Tomorrow morning early, I'm headed to Arizona to visit my dad, with all three kids in tow. Homero will be in charge of the farm for a week. There's not much to it this time of year: throw a little hay at everybody in the mornings, feed the chickens, and keep the water buckets topped up. Shouldn't take him away from his shop too much. 

But he must milk Iris. I'll leave the baby goats on the moms, and he won't separate them at night, so that will help, but Iris' buckling is so big now, he's really not nursing very much. If Homero doesn't milk iris in the afternoons, her production will go way down. He is not a very good milker, so I'll just have to hope for the best. I've been making cheese like a mad cheesemakin' demon, so I'll have cheese to take with me to Arizona and cheese when I come home. 

It was silly of me to get so much produce two days before I left. I had to pickle late at night yesterday, but I got all the cucumbers processed. Bread and butter, all of them, because I didn't have any fresh dill. I'm leaving poor Iris with a mountain of zucchini to eat. I told her she should use up as much produce as she can while I'm gone. 

Most likely I won't post while I'm away. See y'all in a week.


~Tonia said...

Enjoy your trip!! That shop is HUGE!!

AnyEdge said...

Hey, you have a barn for your animals...Homero should have a barn for his cars!

Aimee said...

and cars are bigger than goats, so his barn is bigger than mine. Okay. Can I limit his cars to the same number as my goats?

AnyEdge said...


AnyEdge said...

And one motorcycle fpreach chicken.