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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flopsy Update #2

I can't milk her! This morning, milk came out. Tonight, nothing! Just a drop or two. The teat is plugged solid. The bag is tight. Aack! Poor goat!


Tonia said...

DId you try it more thant twice tody because really it needs to be at least every hour hour and a half till you get a good stream going and can milk it out completely. Its going to stay plugged till you can get that stuff out. That milk sitting in her udder is going to cause serious problems if you cant get it out.. The infection is going to get up into her udder. You have to really work at it. The hot packs help and the massaging. But you have to keep working that teat and trying to get the milk out.Its a rough thing to deal with . Probably one of the worst things in my opinion. I would rather untangle Unborn kids then deal with mastitis.

Aimee said...

Thanks Tonia, I have been working on it, but not every hour and a half! I am using peppermint oil, being extremely gentle, and I am having better luck this morning.