"United we bargain, divided we beg."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flopsy Update

The vet says Flopsy has an injury in the teat. Maybe somebody stepped on it, or maybe I injured it myself trying to squeeze out the infected coagulated milk. Either way, now it's full of scar tissue and inflammation as well as infection. 

He wanted me to stop milking entirely on that side, but that advice was totally counter to everything I've ever read or heard about mastitis. Everybody says to have to milk it out. Books say it, goat people say it, everybody! So I called another vet for a second opinion. He also said he couldn't understand why you wouldn't milk it out, even with an injury. Just be extra gentle. He did agree with vet #1, however, that I should get the kid off of her.

So I took a step. Both bucklings, Iris' and Flopsy's, have been permanently separated. They are being forcibly weaned. They are both plenty old enough, but they aren't going to like it. Lots of yelling today and the next couple of days. Also, of course, I am now committed to twice daily milking, like it or not. 

For the farm record:
penicillin 5 cc IM BID x 5 days
milk/massage Q 4hrs
withhold milk 14 days