"United we bargain, divided we beg."

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

DQ8 - Hair Cuts and Hair Color

Rowan came over today. She brought hair dye. She is one of those lovely brave people who changes her hair all the time - once she even tried being bald - and I am one of those people who hasn’t changed their hair since high school. 

I let her give me a trim, though, just a badly-needed snip of the split ends. And then I let her color my hair with a color she chose for me. Red, but not too far off my own natural reddish-brown. I like it. Covers my grey streak and feels like the color my hair used to be in September, after a summer of sunshine. She dyed her own hair red too - but she opted for full-on fire engine engine, and henna freckles to match:

This past weekend, before the lockdown, we hired a guy to come prune our fruit trees. Most of them are the small trees we planted ourselves, and weren’t very difficult to do, but the hoary old Bartlett pear by the shed was long overdue. It took him entire day with an electric pruning saw, but he did an excellent job. The only trouble now is that the low hanging branches and all the blackberries are gone, you can see the mess that was previously hidden. 

Rowan also spent some time cleaning up the greenhouse for me, which was very kind of her. The rosemary bush had grown to fill about half the total greenhouse space, as it does every year. It’s in full flower and smells lovely. She cut it back enough so we have enough space for, you know, some actual greenhouse plants. I filled a brown paper shopping bag with branches to dry and reluctantly threw the rest on the compost. There was about a wheelbarrow full, more rosemary than anyone can really use, unless maybe you want to roast a baby goat on a bed of rosemary branches. Too bad I don’t have a baby goat to try it with. 

All in all, a really nice day. So far this quarantine thing is a cinch.