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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Hope-a-Lope Speaks

Thank you for commenting on the Hopsicle Life! Here are the answers to your questions.

Heidi: My favorite animal to watch on the farm is my horse, Poppy. Yes I will have a blog of my own. Probably when I'm thirteen.

Uncle Beanzo: I help the chickens by feeding them their food, and keeping them safe from Lancelot (the dog). I walk Rosie around some of the time and I also play with Poppy to make her less shy. The goats my favorite to work with. I feed them and I help mama milk them. The horses are my favorite to watch because they are my favorite animal and they are super cute. My favorite animal to play with are the baby chickies. We catch them and put them in the calf hutch.

Farmer: I know how to juggle really good and I know how to breakdance really good and I like doing both of them but it's hard to do them at the same time, I bet.

Olive: Thank you! And I hope the calf Charlie will have a mummy. Maybe you can buy a mummy who will adopt him! And I like cows they give way more milk than goats. I would like a cow we could milk it for two years and then butcher it. Because I like cow meat, too.


Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Adorable! We like cow milk too! Looks like she is having too much fun!!!!

Olive said...

our cows are meat cows Hope, they don't like to be milked and the other mummy cows that have their own calves will not let any other calf have any of the milk. If another calf comes and tries to drink from them, they kick them away, they like to save all their milk for their own baby calf.
I'm glad you like the pictures.

Aimee, thank you, our place is always green during the winter months and this year we have had HEAPS of rain. You have only seen the pictures I've taken during the dry summer season. I'm a big wuss, usually don't go out in the cold.

Garden Lily said...

Hope - I'm glad to hear you help your mom with the animals. I always wished I had grown up on a farm. When I was little, I had a hamster, and mostly played with bugs in the yard. I also helped my mom weeding the garden. But I only had a chance to see goats and other animals at the PNE (agricultural fair in Vancouver, BC) once a year. We had a cat and a dog only for a very short while.

-Heidi said...

I think I could talk about horses with you all day!
I live on a ranch with several mares who will have foals next year... I am so excited! How old is Poppy now?
I went to visit a 3 week old foal today... "Bella" was such a pretty filly with two white socks. I bet Poppy and Bella would be great friends! We're going to be bringing one of her pasture mates ("Baby") home tomorrow to teach her to be a buggy horse. I saw on the blog that you can see Mt. Baker from your house... "Bella" can see Mt. Baker from her house too. I bet Bella doesn't live very far away from you.
Thanks for telling me about Poppy and I hope I get to read your blog when you're 13! :)