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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Photos I like

This post has nothing to do with the farm.

I am an artist, but I am NOT a photographer. I'm a painter and a poet. However, recently, I've been taking a lot of pictures (thank you, dear husband, for the iPhone), and here are a few that I like a lot.

I don't have a lot of trees on the property; in fact I think this tree - a copper beech - and the antique pear are the only mature trees we have. Unfortunately, this tree is too close to the road to be a good climbing tree or a good candidate for a fort. Here the kids are climbing, but I would not let them if I weren't right there.

I can't even remember where this is. I think it's on a walking path above the Columbia river in Hood River, Oregon. I went to visit my best friend a couple weeks ago, and we went for a walk.

This is a view of Lake Samish near my sister's house in the early morning in January, 2010. Absolutely gorgeous. The view from my house is rather conventionally stunning: mountains, snow, et cetera., but the view near her place is also extremely pretty.


Dr24Hours said...

It used to be Lake Wilson, but then Sammy bathed in it, and now the lake is a little Samish.

Tonia said...

Nice pictures!!

Garden Lily said...

Aimee - I especially like the 3rd photo, how it is so black and white, but with that bright red marker. That's impressive that you got some really nice photos from an iPhone!

Aimee said...

that's my favorite too - from the window of my car, no less!

Jennifer said...

Those are great pictures!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Great pictures. I am VERY impressed with the third one - love the mist!

Amy said...

Very beautiful! I am a bit jealous of your veiw. I am in Indaina which is great when it comes to cost of living but the scenery is lacking to say the least. I added you to my list of daily reads. I am new to all of this and am realizing quickly that it can be a bit addicting. I would love for you to come check out my blog. Like I said I am just starting.