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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun Idea

A cool blog I just started following (www.aviewfromthegreenbarn.blogspot.com) has an egg counter. I'm not sure how she did that, but I'm going to start counting the eggs, too. I can only start from the day before yesterday, but oh well. 

2/20: 12
2/21: 9


ChristyACB said...

Are you going to put one of those side bars up with the egg count?

Aimee said...

If I can figure out how.

Don said...

Hey, if I can do it, you can. Here is all you do to do something like mine:
1 sign in
2 click on layout
3 click on add a gadget
4 select text
5 type in yor text, select color, etc.

That's really all I do. I simply count the eggs each day and add the to the total and then use the calculator to figure out the average.

I like your blog. I just read about your hog slaughtering aspriations. I have them too, but don't know...

Aimee said...

Hey thank you Don! I don't know if you already follow this blog, but the very best hog slaughter info and pictures I've found are on www.ahomesteadingneophyte.blogspot.com