"United we bargain, divided we beg."

Friday, February 20, 2009

.....And it's only February!

None of these eggs are more than a week old. And a full dozen of them were laid today. Hope made a big sign which we taped to the lighthouse out front, and one lady stopped and bought two dozen. Bread Man has bought  - well, traded a very delicious fruitcake (that's right, I said DELICIOUS) for two dozen, but that's it so far. I've posted on Craigslist, both in farm & garden and in barter categories. Got a few e-mails back but nobody has come by to get eggs. Pretty soon here I'm going to have to seriously consider the food bank. 

What I want, of course, is to get this year's trade network underway. Unfortunately, my hens aren't winter layers, so my Garden Lady found some who are, and she's got herself a new trade network going. She may still give me veggies, for meat of one sort or another, but she won't take eggs anymore. It's far too early in the year to find another gardener.

There's one other possibility. I have a sweet elderly neighbor (see "chick-o-tastrophe") who likes eggs, and who has gorgeous mature fruit trees of diverse kinds. Perhaps I'll leave a dozen eggs on her porch with a note asking if I could supply her with eggs all year long in exchange for fruit in season. 

Maybe I'll just slink around in the dead of night leaving eggs on porches, like zucchini in August.


AnyEdge said...

Leaving Zucchini on a doorstep is a hate crime in twelve countries.

And yet, I love it! Zucchini is one of those vegetables that as a child I would go for three days without eating before I would take a bite of, and yet now, I eat it sauteed with a little salt and crushed red pepper not only willingly, but alacratously.

I wish I knew how to make that transition happen, because I'd make the RHSC eat human food.

~~~~~~Tonia said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. That is tooo funny leaving Zucchini on the porch!! I have sold most of mine by word of mouth. I have people stopping asking for eggs or milk. We live less then a mile from town to though. I plan on posting a small sign at the end of the drive to let them know what we have.
Trading eggs for fruit is a good deal! We have fruit trees but are probably 2-3 years from any kind of fruit..