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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Eagles are Landing!

Every day for about a week now, I've seen bald eagles swooping and circling over this ridge we live on. The other day, as I was walking out to the barn, one of them glided directly overhead only about twenty five feet above me. Yesterday was warm and gorgeous, enough so that we had a barbecue out on the front porch, and had a great time watching a group of three eagles - two adults and a juvenile - doing aerial acrobatics for a half an hour. 

Last year I'm pretty certain that a pair of bald eagles raised a chick in the field across the street. I never did see their nest, but I saw them in that field many times, and I saw the fledgling learning to fly. I wonder if it is the same family that we have been seeing lately?

There are no trees on our property capable of supporting an eagle's nest, alas, but right on the western boundary there is a line of mature Douglas Fir, and the eagles land in them all the time. Perhaps this year we will be able to witness a new family up close!

And perhaps we'll have to keep a close eye on the chickens and newborn baby goats. 

(p.s., sorry for the crappy pictures. Eagles in flight are a hard target)


~ Denise ~ said...

Now that's pretty cool! Camera handy? ;)

ChristyACB said...

Now that would be a sight!

All I have is the creepy owl that may, in fact, be a sociopath since he lets the rabbits scream outside my window for soooo long!

I'd rather have the eagles. :)