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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eyeball Drama

Yesterday I got something in my eye.  You know how sometimes, when you have something in your eye, it will move around, get comfortable for a while and you think it's gone, only to have it resurface and hurt even worse a few minutes or hours later? Well that was going on ALL DAY. And ALL EVENING. I kept my face in a bowl of warm water, blinking, for a half an hour with no results. By bedtime, I was ready to just pop my thumb behind my eyeball and say goodbye to left peripheral vision for the rest of my life. 

Homero applied a weird Mexican home remedy (holding my eyelid open and blowing hard into my eye) that actually worked pretty good. For a while. I kept waking up all night long with my eye gooped shut. This morning I looked bad enough that Homero was worried for his reputation. I slept for shit and my eye was four times it's normal size. 

Same thing today; it would feel okay for a while, I'd start to think it might be gone, then suddenly I'm being stabbed in the eyeball again. Finally I decided to take drastic measures. I got in the bathtub and pried my eye open with one hand while I held my face under the faucet. After several minutes of this, I thought it felt better. Then I found this thing:

That's hay. Another thing I did yesterday is move sixteen bales of hay into the barn. You can damn well bet that next time I do that, I'll be wearing safety goggles. 


Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Glad you found what was causing the problem. That hay just gets everywhere when you move it doesn't it!

AnyEdge said...

OK the hay I can understand not finding. But the PENNY? How'd you miss that!?

~ Denise ~ said...

omg, Aimee - that's horrible! I have extreme eye issues (can't stand to even put eye drops in mine) so I feel for ya, chickie. :( Could have been cute if you would have taken a "big eye" picture! lol

...glad you got it out! ;)