"United we bargain, divided we beg."

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The County Fair (2013)

Friday at the fair was everything a day at the fair should be. Ice cream and sunburns and fried food and rides. Jugglers and people on giant stilts and mediocre classic rock cover bands. Children whining as they get tired in the afternoon, faces sticky and pink with cotton candy residue. Enormous pigs, newborn calves, and esoteric varieties of poultry. Smells of manure and fresh sawdust and sugar. Cheap, glittery crap for sale on every side, tired looking goldfish in little bags of warm water, the barkers winking and tossing their softballs right into the peach basket, so easy. Little kids riding sheep in the arena, holding on to that wool for dear life. Teenage girls in too-short shorts, prancing along in packs. Quilts with ribbons pinned to them. The biggest zucchini of the year. The Yoyo and the Zipper. Strawberry lemonade. Empty pockets and sore feet. 

the chariot races - this was the coolest thing I saw all day

the Yoyo, seen from underneath

my favorite quilt