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Monday, August 5, 2013

An Extremely Large Detour

We're back on the farm, after our year-long sojourn in Oaxaca (which you can read about on NewtoMexicanLife.blogspot.com). Although we arrived back in the states two months ago, we have only been fully moved in to our house for a couple of weeks, and in fact, only got the internet up and running today. So you can see, I've wasted no time getting back to blogging. 

It's so good to be home. Oaxaca is a wonderful city, and my in-laws are wonderful people, but there's no place like home. As I think somebody with gaudy taste in shoes once said. Especially, it's good to be in my own kitchen again. I've packed and unpacked so many times in the last year, I just found myself one pot and one knife and said, okay, I'm good for now. I was happy with my minimalist set up until harvest season got into full swing a few weeks ago, and then I had to break out the canning jars and the big kettles. That's a story for another day.

My farm is in good condition, my animals are healthy (after some doctoring), my land is green and thriving, and my fences are intact. Got my ponies back from my friend who took care of them for me, and scrounged up a new flock of chickens. More on all that later. Now, I'll just treat you to a couple of my favorite  photos from the trip home. We drove, and when you spend seven twelve hour days in a row driving, you have to let the kids have a little fun once in a while. 


Andy Brown said...

Nice to have you back.

Laura said...

I'm so glad to see you're back. I was just wondering yesterday how you were doing. Can't wait to hear all those stories that will come later!!

Maven said...

Welcome Home!

Olive said...

There is NO place like home, its always a good feeling to arrive back from a long journey.
Aimee, your 2 young ladies are just adorable !!133