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Sunday, March 11, 2012

No More Whining (Counting My Blessings)

Reading back over yesterday's post - which was the first in a long time - I cannot believe what a whiner I am. I hate the thought that if anyone new happened upon my blog, that post would be their first impression of me. Maybe somebody found their way here looking for tips on raising goats, or cheesemaking recipes. Instead, they get fourteen paragraphs of self-pitying drivel about mud. So long, potential follower!

Also, a friend of mine at church today mentioned my blog and I was thunderstruck with the realization that people I actually KNOW read this thing. How embarrassing! Especially since the friend who mentioned it is one of the most energetic, hardworking, and cheerful people I know. SHE runs a farm as well as a family business and I'm sure she spends at least as much time out in the mud as I do. I can't imagine her pulling the covers over her head and pretending that there are no hungry animals outside.

Good Lord. I'm going to have to buck up! So, as a kick in the pants and a reminder of my abundant blessings, please enjoy a few of my favorite photos of my farm and family. Truly, we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world, and I am grateful for my lovely family and healthy animals.

The view out the front windows - North

Shearing the alpacas

Sunrise behind Mt. Baker - the view to the East

Sex Education, Farm Style

Newborn Poppy

Newborn Flopsy

Fog in the Valley

Blackberry Blossoms

Valentine in Goat Paradise

A Typical Sunset

Iris, About to Kick Some Butt

The Princess and the Pig.


The Idiot said...

Hey, we all deserve some self-pity every now again. This weekend we broke the first ground on the field, and my noon I found myself wondering why my lovely little garden wasn't enough for me. I wanted to just walk away, but I knew if I said as much the others would have hanged me by my testicles!

Just have your moan, get drunk, and go back to face the reality of it with a renewed swagger!!!

DebH said...

when I read your post yesterday, it sounded like I felt this time last year! It was a LONG LONG LONG COLD SNOWY Winter!! Very long and too much snow. It broke records. I was about to go mad and was near exhaustion digging my way to work and making tunnels to animals and feeding and trying to build fences high enough to keep them contained....then it thawed. I cried...
This year has been amazing. I think we've gotten a total of 10 inched of snow and only periodically. No bone chilling cold. We are setting records.
I love this life. It just comes with some crappy weather...

Stevie said...

Please keep whining. If you can't whine on your blog then how can I whine on mine? No fair trying to look better than me. Plus, it's just the truth-----mud stinks! (literally, in the case of the pig's mud) Stevie@ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com

Dea-chan said...

Yeah, I always feel guilty about stuff that I say on mine because I know my sister reads it -- and she'll happily kick me in the rear if I need it. :-P

I think you're doing fine. And honestly, if all you see is mud -- all you're going to write about is mud.