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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Help, I'm Drowning!

.... In milk, that is. Ever since the baby goats left, I have been milking three goats morning and evening. Each goat gives me about a half gallon (averaged) at each milking, so that means I am collecting about three gallons of milk a day.

Which is a totally ridiculous amount of milk! I took a picture of the inside of my fridge, but my computer is having issues and so I can't post it right now. Basically, the entire fridge is a sea of half gallon jars full of milk. Well, there are also several quarts of cajeta, five pounds of various types of cheese, a half gallon of yogurt, and a gallon of lard. Plus eight or nine dozen eggs.

The lard and eggs have nothing to do with goat milk, but they are farm products in the fridge, so I mention them.

I need to make cheese and/or cajeta every day just to reduce the cubic volume somewhat. I brought my sister a gallon of milk when I went to her house today. "Take it!" I felt like shouting. "For God's sake, just take it away!" Then as I break down in sobs, I moan in a tiny little voice "it never stops... it just keeps coming...."

My hands are going through their annual transformation- getting all bulked up from the constant milking. So far, no troubles with carpal tunnel syndrome, but I'm sure the day is not far off.

I advertised Flopsy on Craigslist, but I was honest about her having had mastitis and nobody wants her. I really really would like to have one fewer goats to milk, but I can't just send her to the auction. It would be wrong. Homero wants to eat her but I absolutely forbade it. That's just disgusting. So, for my scruples, I have to keep milking her.

And oh my God, it's less than an hour until I have to go out and milk them all AGAIN.


Anonymous said...

You've helped me decide about how many doelings I'm keeping this year. Couldn't choose if it would be one or two, but if you're drowning in milk with 3, then I'll keep just one.

Or maybe none...

Why won't you butcher your doe that has mastitis? Are you against eating meat, or is it because you've been through the whole breeding/birthing/milking process with her?


Aimee said...

it's because she was the first baby born on the farm and grew up as a pet for my little girls. I just can't do it! Plus she really is a nice goat - even with a history of mastitis, she gives me about 3/4 gallon a day and she is a wonderful mother, throws the most gorgeous spotted kids. Somebody ought to want her!

Garden Lily said...

Wow, with that amount of milk, it sounds like you need to reach out to your barter network. And/or buy another fridge. ;-)

~Tonia said...

Just 3 gallons?? Lol I am down to 4 gallons a day right now.. It dropped a little.. I couldnt figure out why till I saw mommas lined up where babies are suppose to be Separate and weaned... Moms are feeding through the FENCE! SO moms are locked up at night again!
I agree about not eating Flopsy there would be very few cases I would be able to eat a doe!

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Try bartering or trading goods with another farmer. Or, connect with your local blogging/farming folks. Also, you could stretch the hours out a little. A goat can go a little longer without being milked and it will naturally slow down her milk supply.... I am jealous. Cheese , cheese, cheese. Good luck and hang in there.


Aimee said...

Tonia, we had that problem last year! All the moms and babies figured out how to nurse through the fence. That's the main reason I sold the babies off this year!

Coco said...

Can you freeze goat milk? Cheesecake?

polly's path said...

I couldn't eat Flopsy, either. She is a part of your family. But I agree-with those gorgeous babies, someone out there wants her!!! Heck, I would kill for her if I lived closer!!!!

Holly said...

Pigs, that is often my solution or when not pigs then a bump calf or even a bum lamb. All those unwanted babies need some wonderful goats milk. They can in turn go to the sales barn or as in our case our freezer.