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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Farm Photos (Natural Equine Massage)

In lieu of actually writing anything about what's going on around here (too depressing, and I haven't got time to wipe my nose lately, much less sit down and write for an hour) I thought I'd post some of my favorite photos from the past week or so.

The potatoes are up. There are about twenty shoots sticking up in the forty foot trench I planted. Time to plant some more.

Natural equine massage.

Field mushrooms. Pretty sure they are edible but haven't tried them.

A rainstorm across the valley. This was such a cool day - it was bright and sunny at our place, though cold, but in three out of four directions I could see rain just pouring down from big old cumulus clouds. The storms passed within a half mile or so but nary a raindrop fell on me.

Homero making a dent in the grass. He worked on the mower for an hour to get it started, cut grass for approximately ten minutes, and then the mower broke again. This happens OVER and OVER again. This mower has never worked for more than thirty or forty minutes straight, but Homero refuses to buy something more reliable (and expensive.)

Evening sun through the dandelion puffs.

Evening sun through my favorite tree, the copper beech.


Nekkid Chicken said...


polly's path said...

so pretty.

AnyEdge said...

He likes fixing themower. Let him have that.

Olive said...

Love the picture of the goat massage, just what I needed the last couple of days while my back was gripped in spasms. Why do I over-do the gardening bit....? Never learn, that's me.
Maybe Santa will bring Homero a new mower this festive season.

Aimee said...

if Santa can swing it, he's bringing Homero a flatbed trailer. Mower might be a nice second choice. But then again, maybe my brother is right (though you wouldn't know it from the cursing and throwing of wrenches.)