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Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Next Door Neighbors (Equine Variety)

My neighbor to the west breeds mules. Big mules. He is a bow hunter, and every fall, he heads out into the mountains for two or three weeks at a stretch, and he brings a couple of mules with him. They go out laden with supplies, and they come home laden with elk, if he's been lucky.

In the picture above, you see the entire family: the sire is the black Mammoth Jack on the far left. He is one big donkey - far and away the biggest donkey I've ever seen. When he puts his head over the fence to be scratched, it's a little bit frightening, even though he seems to be entirely gentle. The mare next to him is the mother. I don't know what kind of horse she is - a light draft of some kind, but she is a beautiful animal. She has the proudest, most highly arched, strongest-looking neck. She is BUILT. The boy on the right is one of their offspring, about three years old. They have three babies - all exactly alike, all big, blonde, good looking mules. The youngest was born last year and it was a true delight to see a baby mule scampering about.

This time of year, when haying is over, my neighbor puts them out on the pasture. It's funny to watch Poppy and Rosie interact with these giants. Poppy especially spends every minutes out at the fenceline with them. I think she's flirting with Mammoth Jack. What do you think?

Papa Donkey Love (below). This is the baby from last year. I could spend all day out there scratching and loving them up.


AnyEdge said...

Are you going to breed a mule? And if so, for what? Meat? I don't think you need mule based labor, right?

Aimee said...

no i am not going to breed a mule.

polly's path said...

oh, they are so cool. I'd say those two are flirting, at the least.

Anonymous said...

Mom looks like she could be a Norwegian Fjord from what I can see. I like the looks of the little mule. I'm more familiar with Mammoth donkey x Belgian crosses, which produce an even bigger mule. Daddy's got a pretty head. Your mare has cause to flirt. :)

Aimee said...

Anonymous, that rings a bell. I bet you are right, I think she is a Norwegian Fjord.