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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm a "best blog!"


(3 ACRE HOMESTEAD: AND THE WINNERS ARE-) A big thank you to Barbara at the 3 acre homestead (link above) for awarding me a best blog award. It's truly delightful to hear that somebody is enjoying my random ramblings.

In keeping with the spirit of the thing, I'd like to pay it forward to some of my favorite sites. If you are into it, feel free to copy and paste the the sticker onto your blog (and link back to me!!). The blogs are in alphabetical order, not order of preference. Every one of them is worth regular reading.

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Eat Close To Home

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Little Blog In The Big Woods


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Q's Corner


The Well Run Dry


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am enjoying visiting all chosen blogs you have posted.

Anonymous said...

Just came here from your comment on science blogs - will you post more about how you grow 50% of the food your family eats? I looked back through your archives and didn't see too many posts on your food efforts.


Aimee said...

Hi visitor - try clicking on the labels "self sufficiency" on the sidebar. I will do a post on the subject tomorrow - although I will admit here and Now that I was including foods that I trade for. I don't consider that cheating because I trade with other products from the farm. Thanks for visiting!

Gail V said...

Well, I KNEW you were a best blog.
It is very fun to read your thoughts. You have good energy and interesting pursuits.