"United we bargain, divided we beg."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Day in the Life

7:00 - Wake up. Get kids up. Make coffee. Make oatmeal. Pack lunches.

7:15 - Get kids up again. Go feed animals

7:45 - Help kids find special clothes for "Olympics Day!" at school. Help Hope dress as an Olympic ice skater. Comfort Paloma who has to dress as a basketball player because an old Seattle Sonics t-shirt is the only other sport-related article of clothing we have in the house. Decide that it's fine if a basketball player wants to wear glittery eyeshadow.

7:50 - Get husband up.

8:00 - Out the door. Return to house to retrieve lunches. Return to car.

8:30 - drop off littlest kids at school

8:45 - drop off high school kid at school

9:15 - arrive at sister's house. Next cup of coffee. Sustained sigh of relief. Gossip and chit-chat.

10:00 - help out sister by administering an IM injection to her leased pony. Little nervous, but no big deal. Decide I really ought to vaccinate my own ponies, even though I highly doubt I could give them shots without inujury (to myself, not the ponies).

10:15 - 11:00 - further gossip and chit-chat, more coffee, and a slice of leftover pizza.

11:30 - retrieve basketball player from school.

12:00 - freak out at the state the house is in. Put on some loud rock and roll and do the dishes.

12:25 - make yogurt and start bread dough to rise. Get beef roast from chest freezer and try to figure out a way to defrost it in time for dinner tonight (no microwave). Wrap it tightly in several layers of plastic bags, put in a big bowl, and place bowl on a heater grate. Stack books on top. Hope dogs don't get it.

1:00 - pour a glass of wine and sit down at computer.

************** plans for afternoon *****************

1:30 - make lunch (probably mac'n'cheese).

2:00 - vaccinate pregnant goats with CD&T. If I have the time/strength, trim hooves. Probably not though, that sounds pretty ambitious right now.

3:00 - retrieve olympic skater from school.

4:00 - second glass of wine. Dinner prep. Hope meat has defrosted but not turned!

5:00 - retrieve teenager from bus station (on reflection, perhaps second glass of wine should be postponed until after this errand).

5:30 - feed animals. Look for eggs. Swear at lack of eggs.

6:00 - Help with homework. For the little kids, this means "help with homework." For the high schooler it means wheedle, nag, threaten, bargain, and scream.

7:00 - dinner. No idea at this point what that will be or if Homero will be here for it. He's in Seattle today helping a friend rebuild the transmission on a tow truck from the late jurassic age, so I'm guessing we'll be dining sans paterfamilias.

7:30-9:00 - dinner cleanup, wrestle children into pajamas and forcibly brush their teeth, read stories (after extended negotiation about who gets to pick how many stories each), and sing a song. Turn out light.

9:15 - hot bath, possibly with third glass of wine.

10:00 - tell teenager to get off the computer. Call husband if he isn't home yet and ask him where the hell he is, already.

10:30 - read scary book "Future Scenarios" about peak oil and climate change. Try to sleep. Think it was really dumb to read such a scary book before trying to sleep.

11:00 - sleep.


~Tonia said...

I have a suggestion.... On defrosting the meat put it in a bowl of tepid water Not hot!.. Depending om how big it is it usually takes an hour or two to defrost...
Other than that I hear ya on a day like that.. Just glad I dont have to tote my kids to school! Since its in the livingroom...

Olive said...

I have a suggestion....on non laying chooks...lean the axe against the hen house door!!

Anonymous said...

I love your humor.....Thanks for the laugh. I hope get it and that you were trying to be funny.

Aimee said...

Indeed I was, Barbara. Glad the attempt was successful!

Cage Free Family said...

We do dishes to rock music (esp. Zeppelin) and forcibly brush teeth around here as well... our garden spot and future livestock locations are still under a few feet of snow though...