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Monday, May 11, 2009

Two Down, Two to Go


After two whole days of my staring at her butt (not quite nonstop- my husband drew the line when I said I might sleep out in the barn), Iris decided I wasn't going to go away until she had a baby. 

She took her time about it, and she only gave me one, but he's a big one. Here it is, in glorious technicolor: Birth..... of a Buckling!

                                               Sex Education, Farm Style

         Feet. As soon as I saw these hooves coming, I knew we had a big boy on the way.

         Not even all the way out, and already bleating and trying to get up.

                                                 Up and at 'em! 

As happy as I am that Iris finally gave birth, I have to admit to a little disappointment. I never thought Iris would throw a single, after giving me twins as a first freshener last year. And it's a boy, which we can't keep, and he's a boring old solid brown with no markings at all. Oh well. I should just thank providence that we have a healthy mama and a healthy baby. A singleton means more milk for me! And this little guy is a fighter. He was trying to stand up while his hind legs were still inside his mama. And big, too. Big healthy boy from excellent lines. Maybe we can sell him as an intact buck. In the meantime, we'll just enjoy another baby goat around the place.

Now there's just Flopsy left to go, and Rosie Pony of course! 


Penelope said...

holy crap! That baby is the size of all four of mine put together!!

ChristyACB said...

He's huge! A real giant of a boy! I bet he has an equally huge personality from what you wrote. That should be loads of fun for kiddles. :)

~ Denise ~ said...

Very revealing photos...yikes! lol ;)

AnyEdge said...

Remember to eat him before he takes solid food! Milk fed is the yummiest!