"United we bargain, divided we beg."

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This is a small fraction of the week's bounty. The blueberries and cherry tomatoes were picked today; blueberries from a farm up the road, tomatoes from my tiny excuse for a garden. The squash and the beets came from my eggs-for-veggies trade network, and the grape leaves were harvested from a neighbor's property. In addition, this week I've gathered, directly or via trade, two bunches of black kale, two bunches of swiss chard, a bunch of collards, a couple pounds of green beans, three red onions, a mess of snap peas, and a pie's worth of blackberries.

Then of course, there's the four dozen eggs (three traded, one kept) and the two pounds of goat cheese I made this week. Another batch of cheese is in the oven, jelling. 

Rowan has a friend staying with us for the week, and I've put her to work milking the goats and feeding chickens, picking berries and helping me make cheese. Her mom asked me to show her "the icky side" of animal husbandry, but I haven't made her muck out the barn. I want her to enjoy her stay, and get some work out of her at the same time.

gotta go, children calling


joeyjoejoe2 said...

easy Norse recipe you'll like:

1 rack of lamb, preferebly frenched.
Root veggies of your choice, but should include potatoes turnips carrots beets onions and parsnips.

Cube veggies rough (smaller if you like your lamb rarer).

Douce with olive oil salt garlic pepper.

Place in lArge roasting pan. Place lamb on metal rack over veggies. Roast until lamb desired doneness.

Serve veggies in lamb juice. May want to include a few bulbs garlic.

Aimee said...

Thank you, this looks delicious. I bet it will work well with a rack of kid, too.