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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Homero’s Birthday 2019

Carne asada. There’s no carne in this picture- just the traditional accompaniments of grilled nopales (cactus paddles) and green onion, along with the more American corn on the cob 

This handsome bench, along with another just like it, was my present to Homero. They were made by a local artisan - a guy who would probably find that title pretentious. Beautiful workmanship. They are all joined, made without nails. 

Nopales and cebollitas

Just a few of many accompaniments. Pico de gallo, salsa verde, queso botanero, and tequila :) 

It’s 2 am and I’m done, having worked since 9 am to make this a great party. I’m going to sleep and for god’s sake, homero, please remember to put out the fire with water.


anubisbard said...

Happy Birthday Homero! (I'm envious of that bench. The elements have pretty much reduced ours.)

Maven said...

Happy belated birthday to Homero!