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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Freezer Puzzle (Turkeys for Sale)

Our four turkeys have a date with destiny on Saturday morning. I found a guy who will process them professionally (i.e., he has a defeathering machine) for $10 apiece. That is apparently a cheap enough price that Homero will allow me to pay somebody to do it rather than doing it himself. We do not have a defeathering machine. Nor has Homero ever butchered a turkey before. It's probably more difficult than a goat. You can shoot a goat.

I put the turkeys on Craigslist - I'd like to sell two of them. We don't need four turkeys, nor, indeed do we have room in the freezer for four turkeys. We already have a quarter of beef and most of a goat in the freezer, as well as many gallons of berries and about a dozen frozen zucchini breads that I baked earlier in the year when somebody left  a crate of squash on the porch. Oh, and a few gallon bags of broccoli.

Damndest thing. Homero was in Mt. Vernon in August, buying school clothes for the girls at the Goodwill there. A Mexican gentleman approached him with three enormous grocery bags of fresh broccoli and asked if he wanted them. Not if he wanted to buy them; just if he wanted them. Like, take some of this fresh broccoli off my hands, willya, friend? Nobody is surprised when their friends try to give them free zucchini, but a stranger proffering free broccoli is something I've never seen before. Of course, Homero took all the broccoli. Not knowing what to do with it, I blanched it and froze it in gallon ziploc bags. Turns out, frozen broccoli kind of sucks. It works for soups or quiches, but not for eating by itself.

Anyway, nobody has called me about the turkeys. I suppose it's kind of awkward to try and sell fresh turkeys ten days before Thanksgiving. But many people say that poultry is improved by a few days freezing, especially lean pastured birds like these turkeys. I hold out hope - I'm selling them at  the very reasonable price of $4/lb, and I expect them to be the perfect Thanksgiving size of about twelve to fifteen pounds each. In the meantime, however, we need to prepare for the possibility of having to fit four turkeys into the freezer by sunday.

I can consolidate a little bit, and probably bring a few more gallons of berries into the house-freezer, but we need to start eating out of the freezer NOW. I'm making a blackberry pie today, and I can do something with another gallon of broccoli - soufflé, maybe? What's really taking up space is the goat. Since I butchered and wrapped that myself, and I don't have a saw, it's in pretty large and awkwardly shaped packages. Maybe I should haul out the ribs and make barbecued goat ribs with broccoli on the side and blackberry pie for dessert.


Anonymous said...

Can some of your meat to free up freezer space. You can just can it by itself to make quick meals on nights when you are rushed or pull it out earlier in the day and use it to start a soup or stew.
Don't forget the bones. You can use them to make broth that you can also can.
You could also turn some into jerky.
Just some options.

Aimee said...

Wish I could can the meat, but I don't have a pressure canner. But I could make meat-based soup or stew and then freeze that in gallon ziplocs, which are flat and take up much less space.

Anonymous said...

Well that is a problem but I bet if you looked around you might be able to find someone that would let you use theirs.
It is the end of the season and Amazon has a 23 qt Presto canner (one of the ones I have) for 68.95. Might want to check walmart and see if they have theirs on sale.
Maybe put an add on Craigslist or freecycle. Barter a turkey or two for a pressure canner.

Just some options.

Laura said...

If you have a sawz-all, you can make it into smaller pieces. I used one when I butchered my turkeys last year to split the breastbone (I wasn't going to roast them, they're now boneless). It's a wonderful, multi-purpose tool!!