"United we bargain, divided we beg."

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gone With the Wind



My two favorite baby goats - Cirrus and Nimbus - are sold!

Actually all the baby goats are sold, except for the doe out of Django, the little crossbreed. All seven others are bought and paid for. I never expected them to go so fast! Cirrus started a bidding war and ended up selling for $200, more than twice what I first asked for him (though admittedly, that first price was for my sister, so it was lowballed).

I had planned on keeping all the babies until they were eight weeks old and weanable, but this lady who bought Cirrus and Nimbus wants bottle babies. She lives close by, so if it doesn't work out she can always bring them back to nurse on their mamas.

My husband is shocked and delighted that this year's crop of baby goats has already earned us $1,150. That's almost enough to keep the agricultural designation on the property taxes right there!

I guess if I want a goat for meat this year it will be Django's doe. Oh well. At least I can start milking right away now! The truth is, Iris wasn't doing so hot trying to feed triplets. Maybe now I can get some weight on her. And even Flopsy ought to have a little to spare now that she's only feeding one. Tomorrow morning I'll see what I get.

Oh by the way, Cirrus doing just fine. All he needed were some strong anti-inflammatory drugs and a little time. This morning he was cavorting around almost like normal.