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Monday, November 16, 2009

Homebrewers Make Good!

Hooray! Several weeks ago, a couple of college age homebrewin' boys came to press apples with me. Even though I have burned in the past by homebrewers who take all my juice and never deliver the promised cider, I decided to take a chance on these boys. What the heck, I already had a freezer full of juice. So instead of taking 50% of the fresh juice (my usual take), I asked for 25% of the finished product back. I figured odds were 50/50 I'd never see them again.

But on friday, they showed up! With 24 bottles of hard cider! They said they had just bottled it, so leave it at room temperature for another couple of weeks, but it should be ready to drink by Thanksgiving.

I'm SO glad I'm hosting this year!


AnyEdge said...

Sounds delicious sis. Hope you enjoy.

fullfreezer said...

It sounds fabulous! I've pressed cider before but never made hard cider. Hmmmm...

Q said...

Wow! I bet it is tasty stuff too.
Glad you trusted one more time!
The Question Mark butterfly is called so because of the markings on the underwing looking like a Question Mark (?).
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Susie said...

Sounds lovely. I miss fresh cider since our cider mill upstate closed.