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Sunday, October 25, 2009

#@%&*!! Chickens!!

Today I discovered another hen up in the hayloft on a nest of some dozen eggs.

Don't these chickens know it's practically November? Chicks have approximately a 50% mortality rate in June: in November it's likely to approach 100%. What is up with these stupid, stupid chickens?

And what is up with the stupid, stupid human who has not, in nearly three years, devised a method of keeping chickens out of the hayloft?


Spinner said...

As soon as you figure this out let me know.

AnyEdge said...

The survival instinct of the avian reigns supreme! Too smart to become dependant, like the lowly canine, the bird seeks out its own place, where, despite the monumental challenges facing it, it seeks to bear an offpring robust enough to survive the bitter looming winter.