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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Hands

I admit, I've had a bit of a bad streak just lately, but even so: these hands will never be featured in a Palmolive commercial. What's that you're soaking in? Girlfriend, don't ask.

I don't think I can remember all of the minor injuries I've suffered recently. They are pretty much a daily occurrence.

Left forefinger: chopping tomatoes. Ditto web of left hand between thumb and forefinger (that one's a bitch-kitty, feels like a giant paper-cut.)

Right palm below the pinky: broken ladder. I was on the aluminum ladder looking for eggs in the hayloft when it suddenly slid backwards, catching just the last half inch on the edge of the loft. The angle of the ladder went from about 80 degrees to about 30. I had time to think oh shit, this is going to hurt, then the ladder snapped beneath me, the top dropped off the edge and I fell. Not even sure what I scraped my hands on but it got them pretty good.

Left thumb: ??? Looks like a burn.

Scratch below left thumb: I think this was a mama hen. They can be quite vicious when I get too close to the the chicks. On a related note, I had a dream the other night that we had a huge barn, and it was totally stuffed full of feral cats, and they all had litters of kittens. But they weren't taking good care of them, not sitting on them like good mama cats, and so I had to search all through the hay and gather up these fetal-looking kittens and shove them randomly under various mama cats. I think we had too many broods of chicks too close together.

Right middle knuckle: You can't see it in the picture, but this is the worst injury on my hands. I tore a big flap of skin off the knuckle, and I haven't the faintest clue how. It was one of those "hey, where's all that blood coming from?" moments. I get those a lot.

Maybe I ought to invest in a few pairs of good leather gloves, hey?


~Tonia said...

Gloves save you from a world of hurt!!! I have scars and scratches I kepp my fingernails short because I cant be bothered to clean them with as dirty as they can get all the time!! I scrub them and May slather a little lotion from time to time But I am with you on they wont be on any commercials!! All Well My hands do lots of work thats good enough for me!

Olive said...

Aimee , If you are anything like me, I HATE wearing gloves. Sometimes I start to weed with them on but they might only stay on for 10 mins or so. There is nothing like the feel of dirt encrusted fingernails.
Please be careful of ladders, they are most dangerous. My husband has a re-constructed elbow from a fall off a ladder. Maybe get your man (he seems to be very handy) to build one that is fixed to the loft so it cant fall.
Take care, I enjoyed the story about your dream.

Aimee said...

I just read an interesting article that I bet you would agree with: it said that people who garden without gloves, who actually touch the dirt with their bare hands, get all kinds of benefits in terms of stress reduction, but if you wear gloves it doesn't do the same thing. Interesting, no?

Anonymous said...

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