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Monday, March 23, 2009

Feeling Proud, And Tired

Many things got done this week, at least halfway done and some things got all the way done. The chicken coop, I personally hammered up three rolls of wire to turn the alpaca catch pen into the outdoor section of the chicken coop, and built a little chicken ladder so they can all get in and out of the barn, even the fat ladies. Then a latch on the inside of the coop so I can gather eggs without letting all the chickens free.

As an aside, I now have my own tools, well hidden from Homero. I couldn't find any of the tools I needed to do the job, not a hammer, not a pair of wire clippers, and not a staple gun. I know for a fact that we have two of each of these items, but they were nowhere to be found. This scenario has repeated itself endlessly at our house, me wandering from place to place, starting with the place that the tools are actually supposed to be and then checking Homero's shop (ha!), and eventually unlikely places like the kitchen cupboards, all to no avail. Most likely they are all out in the field somewhere, wherever Homero was when I called him in to dinner in the middle of his last project. So I went to the hardware store and I bought a hammer, a pair of wire cutters/pliers, and a staplegun. I told the lady about my fruitless search and she said "oh, I keep my own set of tools in a pink hatbox under the bed."  I don't have a hatbox, but now I have my own secret tool stash.

I also seeded the big field. Two twenty-five sacks of mixed-grass seed ("Western Pasture") all hand sown in a brisk wind. Hope something comes up. 

I planted spinach and beets in my garden beds, now that they can germinate unmolested by marauding chickens. The snow peas are ready for transplant, too. 

And Homero is building the little girls a fancy play set. It's half done, I hope it will be all done by Bibi's birthday (April 30th).

I still have to order a dumpster from the garbage company. It'll have to be one of the really huge ones the size of a railroad car. I plan to get every last speck of non-useful material out of this house and off this property in one fell swoop. There's a lot of it secreted about - broken chairs, ripped-up clothes, hunks of plastic kid-thingies, boxes of ancient magazines, non-working electronics from the late eighties, et cetera. I'm not debating any of it, either. 


~ Denise ~ said...

So have you picked out what you're rewarding yourself with for all of that hard work now behind you? (omg, girl, ya better make it something good!) lol ;)

Aimee said...

I think the reward will be a clean house, fresh grass, and lots of vegetables!