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Friday, July 18, 2008

Papers for Iris

A full udder is a thing of beauty, but that's not why I took this picture. Iris' breeder asked me to take a side shot and a rear shot of her udder and send them to her via e-mail. She, of course, has never seen how Iris' udder developed, because although pregnant, she hadn't yet begun to "bag out" when I bought her. That only happens in the last few weeks before kidding. Now her udder will never deflate again, it will stay this way, more or less, whether she is pregnant or not. Just like my belly after three children.

I wrote to the breeder because I decided to go ahead and pay to have Iris registered as a purebred Nubian. Then her future offspring will be worth some actual money, at least if they are girls, and furthermore I can register those girls as purebred Nubians, too. Now, I'm not interested in becoming a goat breeder. Far from it. I'm just interested in becoming a better cheesemaker. But kids are a by-product of cheesemaking, in a manner of speaking, and I have to do something with them. Homero wants to eat them, but I can spare their little lives by registering them, because he won't eat a goat that's worth $200. 

Besides, Django and Xanadu aren't registered. We can eat their babies. I'm sure they're just as delicious.


Eugene said...

mmmmmmmm.......200$ goats....