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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well, That Didn't Take Long

Note for my Goat Book: All my females were most likely bred today. My Rent-a-Buck, he of the infinitely aromatic testicles, has quickly forced most of my does into heat.

This afternoon, during a sunbreak, I decided to let my goats out to browse while there is still anything alive for them to browse on. I used one of my goat beaters (long sticks) to prevent the Rent-a-Buck from following them out through the gate. I didn't want to risk him getting hurt on the road or eating anything poisonous or whatever, as he isn't mine.

Needn't have bothered. It took him all of two minutes and two attempts to jump the fence. He was not going to let any of those does out of his sight. During the thirty minutes the goats were out, I definitely saw him tag the two little girls (who probably shouldn't be bred yet; they are still pretty small) and Xana. He attempted to breed Django and Flopsy, but I don't think he closed the deal.

The funny part was watching our little buckling, Storm Cloud. Having a senior buck around to observe and emulate has certainly advanced his development. You can see him watching and copying the older buck. It's hysterical. In a previous post, I have described goat sex, which is pretty funny. The male goat "blubbers" to excite the female, which means he sticks out his tongue and goes "bblvlblblblblbldlfv" like a frat boy all over her. Storm Cloud learned to do this from watching Rent-a buck. Until now, he simply tried to jump on the girls without preamble, which didn't work at all.

As any woman could attest. Fellows, you gotta blubber first.


Anonymous said...

ROTFLOL! Thanks for the laugh

Maven said...

he of the infinitely aromatic testicles


Your blog is truly enjoyable to read!