"United we bargain, divided we beg."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


As my adorable spotted buckling Storm Cloud is still too small to impregnate my does (probably), I advertised for a mature Nubian buck on Craigslist and came up with this handsome specimen. He is not terribly big, but he's proven, and I like his coloring. He reeks to high heaven, as a buck should, and was trying to mount the girls within ten seconds.

Of course, they were having none of it, not being in heat at the moment. Here is Django telling him in no uncertain terms to step off.

However, his mere presence and his overwhelmingly manly hormones will shortly force the does into heat - within a couple of days they will be flipping their tails all over the place and standing still for his attentions. Bet you men out there are a little bit jealous, aren't you? Oh come on admit it. All a woman has to do is smell your armpits or your unwashed socks and she suddenly just...can't.... help herself....


AnyEdge said...

Are you kidding?! I have to beat them off as it is! I need no more virility!


~Tonia said...

HE is very pretty!! They crack me up the way they are all inspectin gand if he tries to do anything they put him in their place... then next thing you know they are flagging him down with their tail!!