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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Look What the Cat Dragged In

When I spoke to my husband today, he said "wait till you get home. I have a surprise for you. I think you're going to like it."

My husband has some weird ideas about what I might like. Flowers, now I like flowers. A surprise date, dinner and dancing? Lovely. He's done the dishes or the laundry for me? Hooray!

Dead deer on my car?

Not so much.

He found it on the road early this morning. It was still steaming. I'm sure it would have been fine if he had hung it up and bled it right away. But he just slung it on the hood of the car and went to work. Now, it's nearly twelve hours later and I'm not at all sure it will still be good.

It's still warm enough to have a tick on it, I saw that. They haven't left yet. It's mostly stiff, but the legs have some play at the joints. I don't know if it's going into rigor mortis or relaxing out of it. No puffiness yet. And there's barely a mark on it, just blood from the mouth.

It - she - is gigantic. Probably weighs at least 150, maybe more. What the hell, it will be good practice to cut it up, since we do have to butcher the goats pretty soon. If the meat doesn't look good to me, we can always feed it to the dogs.

Homero will be home any minute; I told him under no circumstances can he wait until tomorrow. He got himself into this; now he's got to deal with it RIGHT NOW.

And that includes digging the hole for the carcass.


Kim C said...

Yes indeed -- I totally love your blog. I swear, only at your house. Crazy stuff, man. :) Hope it all got "straightened out." Good lord -- what a welcome.

Melinda C. said...

Oh my. And he thought you'd like it?
I remember a cowboy in the Outback of Australia (what do they call those men? Can't remember...and only two glasses of wine) that would bring the kangaroo road kill home for his dogs. Yuck.

Gail V said...

Maybe if he'd'a called you in the morning, when he found it?

Jerry said...

I laughed HARD at that first line.

And yeah, hanging it would have been a good idea indeed.

I read the next post first so I'll say here, nice practice job.

Anonymous said...

I have not read your blog in a while. I learn far more about you and your adventures here than when we talk! There are good reasons not to eat animals that have died before you found them. But they can usually be used for dog food safely.

I loved the OKRA soup and Homero's favorite sandwich. Yummy. You have had sourdough starter. I used to keep it in the fridge in Woodinville. Oh, and your grandfather once came to the Woodinville house of his erstwhile debutante daughter, and remarked, "This looks like Arkansas in 1933."

Not good. He also remarked, "My father left the Ukraine so we would never have to live like this."

Aimee said...

ah mom. so good to hear from you.