"United we bargain, divided we beg."

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mountains Beyond Mountains

... the title of a truly excellent book by Tracy Kidder which I should not appropriate. However, what else can I call this collection of photos?

I don't know if there is another mechanic on the planet with a view like this.

Today was a cut-crystal day with a spectacular sunset. Visibility infinite. Temperature pleasant, in the high fifties. Breezy, but not windy. The kind of day that makes the animals kick up their heels.

The goats were in high spirits when I let them out to browse. Ivory helped me get them back in; she's becoming a better chivera all the time. Now I can point to the goat I want her to get and she gets it more often than not.

Ivory chases the goats towards the pen

Ivory gets them through the gate

All the goats at home. Hooray Ivory!!


AnyEdge said...

That title is from a Haitian proverb: "beyond the mountains there are more mountains."

this always struck me as sad and apropos.

Aimee said...

Have you read the book? It's about a doctor who went to Haiti as a resident and started a clinic with literally nothing but the money in his pocket. Now he runs a worldwide organization dedicated to the eradication of HIV and tuberculosis.

AnyEdge said...

Nope. But I've been to Haiti.

Aimee said...

read it!