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Saturday, September 5, 2009

(Theoretical) Great Leap Forward in Self Sufficiency

My husband has made a great Craigslist find. He had to drive 500 miles round trip to pick it up, but he got a nearly new, totally complete oil burning furnace for $200. One that is fully capable of heating our entire house, and doing it on waste veggie oil (hereinafter WVO), with a few small modifications.

Theoretically. I have take his word for it because I am not the sort of person who can make "a few small modifications" on a furnace. I am the sort of person who can recognize a furnace. Usually. If it is actually putting out heat and is in my utility room. A sign that says "furnace" would help me out.

So, here's the plan. Homero is going to make his modifications and get it running on WVO out in his shop. If he can make it run all winter out there without pooping out once, then next winter it will heat our house. That is because I am not willing to take any chances on it pooping out on us, oh say, in the middle of January when the temperature is twenty degrees. I know; I am showing a severe and debilitating lack of confidence in my husband that probably is emasculating and may rise to the level of marital crime. So sue me; I like the water in the toilet to be liquid.

Also, that plan gives us a year to stockpile the WVO (and heats the shop!). Then we can get rid of the propane tank and the propane heater (which I believe are only leased from the utility) and save ourselves $2,000 a year. Theoretically!

My theoretical homestead is beginning to acquire the lineaments of reality! Way to go!


AnyEdge said...

lineaments.....nice word.

Anonymous said...

I am totally enjoying our blog, Aimee. And, just for the record, I love you too.


Aimee said...

Hey mom! Hi there! You figured out how to post a comment! Wow! Good for you! and thanks, I love you too.