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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apple Madness

More people came over to cider yesterday afternoon. They were a very sweet couple originally from New York with six or seven big tote bags full of beautiful apples. Almost too beautiful to press, except what else can you do with 500 apples? I think they were gravensteins. They made a very clear, sweet cider, and lots of it. About seven gallons, and the couple wouldn't take more than two. They also left me the thirty or apples that were left over from the last barrel. I think I'll make a pie this evening.

The press itself is showing its age. It still works perfectly, but the frame is getting rather rickety and the blades are in need of sharpening. Also the wooden tray that the barrels sit on is a little bit warped and the juice runs out the sides unless we cover the tray with something flexible like tinfoil or chopping mats. I think at the end of this apple season I will see about getting it serviced..... at least, the blades removed and sharpened and some screws tightened or whatever. This is the same press we used when I was a child in Woodinville, after all, and I doubt it was new then.


Milkweed said...

Girl, you are DOING IT! Kicking out the homesteading jams, that is! I'm adding you to my blogroll....