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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Change in the Weather

It rained today. Not a measurable amount; in fact an infinitesimal amount. It rained here and there, for a few minutes. At our place it drizzled lightly for about twenty minutes; just enough to settle the dust and get the grass wet. I wish it had rained harder and longer. However, with the tiny amount of rain came heavy cloud cover and a stiff breeze. The temperature dropped fifteen degrees. All the trees turned their leaves up-side down, and all the animals kicked up their heels and ran in circles and made a lot of noise. Everyone could feel the change in the air.

The forecast calls for rain again later in the week. God willing. The leaves have started to change already, but it hasn't felt like autumn. It has felt like drought, like a strange, extended summer that won't quit. Yes, color has touched the leaves, but more than that, they have started to just shrivel up without rain. Today felt like a reprieve. We were all briefly refreshed. We still have all of September ahead of us before the real rains of fall begin, another long dry month to get through. But days like this will help us get through.


~Tonia said...

We are having just the opposite here. Its been cool for August very cool to make it in the records as the 10th coolest August we have had.

AnyEdge said...

We seem to have had a cool august to, but that's only my own perception, not science. I remember hot hot hot august days, and this year it's been tolerable the whole time.