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Friday, November 13, 2009

I Can't Believe It's November

Such a gorgeous day. Today and yesterday both have both been just unbelievably beautiful, in the way that brilliantly clear, crisp, sunny days are after a week or more of steady rain. This afternoon, it was actually warm enough that I took off my sweater and wore only a tanktop and sweats as I supervised the goats and the ponies out grazing.

As pleasant as this weather is (and I love it) it's also a little ominous. Why haven't we had a single hard frost yet, on November thirteenth? That's a little weird.

(later-) Okay, I've just googled "first frost date Bellingham WA" and seen dates ranging from October 1st to September 4th. Suddenly the fact that we haven't had a good frost yet is a little scarier than it was three minutes ago. Funny how fear sucks the joy right out of a sunny afternoon.

Anyway, trying to get back to my happy place, here are some photos of my animals enjoying the sun. (later-) Now it's hailing and there's thunder and lightening.


subu.ps said...

That sky pic is awesome. has got a 3d effect on it. Nice work. Ur blog has to be followed just to enjoy these cool photos

Aimee said...

thanks subu! I don't consider myself a photographer, but I have so many things to take pictures of I just keep trying!