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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Goats Are Pure Evil

Sure, they're cute, but in fact they're pure evil

Just as I was arriving at my sister's house for a visit this morning, some twenty miles away from my house, I got a phone call from my neighbor. It seems he had ten goats in his front yard eating his flowers.

This is after Homero spent four hours yesterday fixing the fence. I apologized profusely to the neighbor and asked if he had some place he could put them until I could get home. He said he'd put them in a trailer. My husband called me soon after to say he was on his way home, so I called my neighbor back to tell him Homero would come pick up the goats in fifteen minutes. He was huffing and puffing when he answered the phone. He said "I've got nine of them in there, but the last one is a fast little bastard!"

I'd better bring him some fresh baked bread or something.

Homero arrived and put the goats in our most secure pasture, then returned to work. I was running around doing errands all day, so it came to pass that he arrived home before I did in the afternoon. You guessed it - they were out again! Luckily, the gate was open. Homero, understandably irate, yelled into the phone "I don't know if they've grown thumbs or what but I closed that gate!" I had my doubts about that, but decided not to voice them.

Now, back in the same pasture, they have remained contained for all of four hours. It's full dark, so I doubt they will escape again before sunrise. We absolutely must figure this out, though, because in a few weeks we are going to Mexico and leaving the farm with a farm-sitter. It's not reasonable to expect her to chase goats all over the landscape night and day, no matter what I pay her.

Wish us luck!


Gail V said...

Those goats are seriously cute.

Aimee said...

Aren't they! The one on the right is going to be my herd sire next year. The one on the left is going to be food next month.

Jerry said...

This is why its been next to impossible to drag my dad off the farm for most of his life. It has only become possible at all in the last year or so.

And I understand goats are much worse than cattle. No wonder he looks at my mother and I like we are lunatics when we mention goats.

Anonymous said...

LOL......Good Luck with containing the goats. You have a really nice nieghbor. Around these parts some of these rednecks will shoot first then call you. Again, you are very lucky to have such a nice nieghbor.

I left you a response to the frozen pumpkin pulp and other questions under comments at my blog

WeekendFarmer said...

ha ha ha ....I got the same call from my neighbor saying that the sheep were on her clover field with a hint of sarcasm. You could tell, that means:

-Your idiot sheep are eating my hay
-your chickens, geese, ducks are already a pest and now your sheep too?

Every time I see that she is calling...I wonder what have 'we' done now : ) ?

To be fair - she also calls when she sees a coyote, a fox or simply connecting us to more egg customers.

yup...sheep and goats are 'evil' when it comes to fences. I think goats are a little more mischievous.

Naimhe said...

They aren't really evil they just think his weeds are better than yours. Isn't that the saying? The weeds are always greener....no, wait, maybe not. Anyway, we at allthingsgoat.com love your blog and have added it to our reader.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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