"United we bargain, divided we beg."

Monday, June 22, 2009


Farmy types will recognize this large white piece of plastic as a calf-hutch. It's eight feet in diameter, has built in feeders and waterers, and calves on commercial dairies are kept chained inside day and night. The feeders are made to fit across the opening, because the calves never come out, so why leave a space? It's appalling, I know.

But it makes a great summer goat house. Used calf hutches are relatively commonly found for sale around here, but they go fast. In the past, I've several times seen an ad on Craigslist, called, and found them already sold out. I got this one for $100, which is pretty good. My BIL helped me get it home. It stuck WAY out of the back of his truck.

Finally I have a place for the goats to spend the night in the smallest pasture. I haven't truly implemented the pasture rotation part of the worm plan, because I can't bring myself to let the goats spend the night without shelter of any kind, even when the forecasted low temperature is sixty degrees. Now I can start.