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Monday, June 22, 2009

Probable Good News

Took Clove to the vet this morning, and he said he very much doubts the lumps are CL-related. Just not in the right spot, no lymph nodes nearby. However he did aspirate with a very fine needle (another clue it probably isn't CL - the pus inside a CL abscess is usually thick and chalky, not thin enough to aspirate with a fine needle.) and we will have definitive results in 48 hours. 

Oh and I was told that CL, at least the superficial type with no involvement of the internal organs, is not a reason not to eat the goat. Since we are going to butcher ourselves, we will know if there is internal organ involvement or not. 

Oh and FYI, a volkswagen beetle is not an approved method of transport for a terrified forty pound buckling.