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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Letter to the Vetrinarian

I got the results of the necropsy on Sunshine. Here is the letter I wrote to my vet's office:

To whom it may concern:

On Monday April 11th, I brought in two goat kids to be disbudded. Dr. A* performed the operation. The kids did not respond well, and the following day - yesterday - I called and spoke to Dr. J* regarding my concerns. I followed her advice, but alas, this morning, I found the doeling dead and the buckling quite depressed. I called in, and when Dr. A* was informed she told me to bring in both kids at any time and the boy would be treated and the girl examined. Dr. J* saw my buckling, and treated him with banamine, antibiotics, and subcutaneous fluids. I am happy to report he is doing much better as of this evening.

Dr. A* called me with the results of the necropsy and told me quite frankly that the baby appeared to have died of a brain hemorrhage and it appeared that thermal damage was the cause. She apologized and let me know that my disbudding fee would be refunded and that there would be no fee for the buckling's treatment.

I am writing to let you know that my confidence in Dr. A* is totally unshaken, and that I in no way, shape, or form blame her for my doeling's death. I was present during the operation - as I have been at many others previously - and her technique was faultless. Both kids appeared to recover from anaesthesia quickly and unremarkably. I do not believe that anything Dr. A* did was responsible for my doeling's death - on the contrary, I am sure it was due to some small idiosyncrasy of her anatomy. These things happen occasionally and they are nobody's fault, but simply the result of chance.

I will continue to request Dr. A* as the primary doctor for my goats, and I will continue to recommend her to my friends and neighbors.

Thank you for your time.


Aimee Day


Anonymous said...

I am a new reader to your blog, but am becoming hooked fast! I have fallen in love with your writing, and your very sweet personality.

The letter you wrote just proves that I was right to do so :)

Thanks for sharing all your experiences with us. It means more then you'll ever probably know.

Your stories about your baby goats broke my heart.

Aimee said...

Dear Anon.,

thank you so much for your feedback - it makes me so happy to know you are enjoying my writing. As for my personality - well, you are a dear, but then again you don't live with me!

Come back soon


Dea-chan said...

I'll bet the vet office will appreciate that, in this litigation-happy country. I'm so sorry about the little one, but at least the one kid is doing better.

Anonymous said...

That was very nice of you to write that letter. People do not always appreciate the thrashings healers give themselves when things go poorly. This shows tremendous maturity on your part and will surely help your goats' doctor.

Garden Lily said...

Aimee, I'm so sad for your loss. I'm touched by your letter : that was a very kind thing to do. Sadly, I'm more inclined to anger and suspicion.