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Thursday, February 10, 2011

First Spring Plantings (Thanks For the Greenhouse!)

Thanks to the beautiful greenhouse my husband built for me over the winter - with the help of his brother and a friend or two - I can start planting early this year! We have had a series of sunny days, warm enough to wake up a few bees, and temperatures inside the greenhouse are positively balmy. At night it cools off dramatically, of course, and our last frost date is at least six weeks in the future. Even so, I have planted a few frost-hardy veggies inside the greenhouse, such as arugula, radishes, and snap peas.

Within a couple of weeks, I will plant spinach, chard, beets, and the first potatoes. Those will all be sown outside in the ground, not inside the greenhouse. Also, I have started some peppers from seed (the first time I am attempting this), although these are so tender that they must be cared for inside the house. Night temperatures in the greenhouse would kill the seedlings.

I am even attempting a few things that can ONLY be grown in a greenhouse at my latitude - such as watermelon. Wish me luck people - I was never a good gardener at the best of times, and I have never tried greenhouse gardening before. It's all new to me. I don't even have a book to consult! Well, that can be rectified.

I'm off the Amazon!


Grandpa said...

Here's wishing you the very best of luck with all those plants. Watermelon may need warmer temperatures and quite a large area for the creepers

Dea-chan said...

Yay for the greenhouse! I have faith in your garden this year -- have you blessed the greenhouse yet? Heavens forbid Demeter think she doesn't need to visit! (I'd probably stick a piece of incense in each corner and call it good m'self... :-P)

WeekendFarmer said...

Hey ...show us a pic of the greenhouse. I am so excited for you.

Congrats on the babies. Thats a good return on investment. I dont know why our sheep only give one baby at a time : ). Maybe I ought to switch to goats....I know they are easier to milk.