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Friday, September 10, 2010

Celebrating the Season (Before It's Gone)

Last post (Turn the Page) I was whining about the change in the weather, and lamenting the fact that Autumn was upon me while I still wasn't done with Summer. I had been lazy and remiss (or, to be gentler on myself, busy and out of town) and my pantry was still bare. The altar had been neglected for an entire season.

Well, the powers that be gifted me with a few days of beautiful sunshine, and I did not let them pass by without taking advantage. I have been playing catchup on the preserving front, and actually got quite a bit done.

I canned a gallon of pear/blackberry sauce from the pears off our tree. This is in fact the second batch - the first batch got eaten up in the three days that I was out of town. This batch is safely stored away in the pantry. Hopefully it will last longer than three days.

We stopped off at the blueberry farm on our way home and picked five pounds of blueberries in about twenty minutes. Must get back there right away - the blueberries are out of control! It's so easy to pick a vast amount, and they are only $1/pound. Organic, too!

And I cleaned and decorated the altar. It's pretty simple - I just picked a few pears off the tree, found a cob of Indian corn, and clipped some wildflowers and weeds that are blooming or fruiting now. Thistles, tansy, bachelor's button, and blackberries. There is a sun medallion to plead for more sunshine, and all of it is under a drawing of Ceres (or Demeter).

I don't have a figurine or a painting of Demeter (or Ceres), so I made a quick, one-minute drawing and decorated it with star-stickers (which could also represent back-to-school, now that I think of it.) I hope the Goddess doesn't mind my crude representation - I rather like it.


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

The pear/blackberry sauce sounds really good :)

But $1/lb for organic blueberries! I'm so jealous! I'd definitely stock up on that :)

Olive said...

Oh, how I wish I lived somewhere that I could pick your own blueberries for $1.00 per pound ! They too (like raspberries) are very much more expensive here in Oz.

AnyEdge said...

I never knew Demeter was so good-lookin'. Come to think of it, I never knew Demeter was so female. I think I'm thinking of Dionisys.

Dea-chan said...

What a cute little Demeter pic. She looks really happy! And happy goddesses like people.

But yeah, give use the recipe for the pear/blackberry sauce! Is it similar in texture to applesauce, or is it to be used as an actual sauce over food?

Penelope said...

I love your Demeter, and check them knockers, talk about abundance!

Aimee said...

Bigger than her head!

Aimee said...
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polly's path said...

we are lucky to have a friend who lets us pick all the blueberries we can can or eat from his organic farm. But our season ended in June...
The sauce sounds delicious.
Will you be harvesting any honey???