"United we bargain, divided we beg."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trade Network Meltdown!

So the Kale Fairy called me the other day, and said that she has decided she doesn't want a grass-raised kid after all. She can't be responsible for the death of a cute baby animal.

I was taken aback. "But," I said, "you said you ordered grass raised kid before and liked it." Yes... but she's becoming a vegetarian. "But," I said, "You do realize that if you don't eat the kid we will?" Yes.... but she won't be responsible. "But," I said, "I can't possibly just accept all those vegetables for free... what can I give you instead?"

Cheese. I am making three or four pounds of cheese a week, and storing it so that I can have enough for ourselves and enough to keep the Kale Fairy supplied with cheese well into the winter. Seriously, I think we've gotten about $300 worth of organic vegetables from her. I probably can't equal that value in cheese, but I can least equal the value of the goat we were going to give her before her attack of conscience.

Which goat we will now add to our own winter stores.


~Tonia said...

Well thats a shame!! Goat cheese is expensive though! Of course depending on what kind you get.

AnyEdge said...

You know aimee, if someone contracts with you for something, and fulfills their end of the contract, and then says that they aren't happy with the deal, for what ever reason, You are not obligated to provide them with anything other than what you originally contracted to provide.

So you would be perfectly within your rights to, say, kick open her door in the middle of the night, thrust a grass fed kid into her door, smack it on the ass, and scream "Here's your goat, Kale Fairy, if that is your real name!"

I, on the other hand, would probably have found some alternative resolution. Like making some extra cheese for her.

Aimee said...

Bro, thanks for cracking me up. That IS a tempting solution.