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Monday, March 2, 2009

Grubby Little Mitts

I know, it's still too early. 

But this blustery, beautiful day seduced me entirely. It's bright and sunny, seasonably warm - that is to say, no chill in the air and while the wind is strong enough to make my hair whip around my head and blind me, there's no bite to it. Clouds are racing across the sky at warp speed and the gulls and hawks are hanging above the ridge like kites.

I had to get out in the dirt. Homero couldn't finish the rototilling this past weekend because of the snow and rain, so I just dragged the 4 x 8 frames back into the garden and used the rake to finish the beds inside one of them (No point in going overboard; it's hard work, and anything I plant this early stands a good chance of needing to be replanted in a month anyway.). Then I let the kids plant radishes in two of the rows while I planted spinach in the other two. We also planted cucumbers in peat pots to put on the sunny ledge in the playroom. 

I don't know why Bibi is wearing a bumblebee suit. 


AnyEdge said...

Lewis Black talks about kids, grown ups and costumes. It's kinda funny.

"Now that you're an adult, if you want to wear a costume, go for it. You don't need permission. If you want to be batman, go to work as batman. Then, when your boss asks: 'who are you?' you can say, 'I...am batman. Who are YOU?'"

I should go to work as batman.

~ Denise ~ said...

sweet picture. ;)